Maria Vittoria Paolillo’s new collection comes to life by continuous research and elaboration of the geometric element that gives regularity and symmetry to the creations.

A perfect grid inspires the intersection of sinuous or straight lines that constitute light volumes characterized by fluid shapes. Silver and bronze are processed as if they were filaments of a precious cloth: solid surfaces alternating with perforated and airy ones, produce an unusual touch-feel.

The concept of the cage is reinvented and made precious by inserting pearls, like extraordinary fruit coming from the sea. The use of enamel with marine bright and vibrant colours highlights the dynamic and futuristic aesthetic that characterizes the MVP style.

Symmetric Relation is a collection of jewels that defines the allure and sets the tone. The fundamental relationship that combines passion, tradition and innovation is the iconic power of this young designer creations, contemporary and refined at the same time.
MVP Via della Vite, 4a 00187 Roma
ph: 06 6784403 


Maria Vittoria Paolillo’s new collection was inspired by the shape and powerful structure of the most precious stone: the diamond.
Abstract lines and geometric cuts take on a new sense of aesthetics in jewellery.

This young designer’s passion for precious stones is a family thing: the Paolillo have been trading diamonds for four generations. As young designer she is expressing the desire to refresh the classical rules of jewellery design and develop a taste for abstract items and contemporary accessories.

MVP re-thinks the traditional shape of the diamond’s cut crafting it into precious metal, creating unique and innovative jewellery.
Straight and rounded lines recreate volumes referring to diamond cuts: silver is worked, shaped and coloured to create chromatic and shape contrasts.

The protagonist of the collection along with the Diamond shape is the Chameleon, which represents the change and the mutation from the living world into the mineral one.

Transformation and mutation as modernist symbols: Maria Vittoria Paolillo’s designs speak with new expressive languages to a contemporary and determined woman, who loves precious stones and jewellery but sees them as contemporary everyday accessories.
MVP Via della Vite, 4a 00187 Roma
ph: 06 6784403



MVP proposes an essential, stylish and precious line: the chromatic variations are obtained with different processing techniques of silver and the use of enamels for the most irreverent creations.

The reference symbols in Maria Vittoria’s style can be found in her attention to the aesthetic of shapes and in her constant research of pure and essential lines.

The reference symbols of Maria Vittoria’s style, comes from her attention to the aesthetic of shapes and her constant research of pure and essential lines which are declined in the MVP creations.

The first MVP collection takes inspiration from universal symbols: crosses and stars. These ancient shapes, which have multiple meanings, have always attracted Maria Vittoria for their great simplicity and style combined with their strong evocative power. They are composed from very simple intersecting lines: anthropomorphic symbols full of positive energies.

These become talismans for the designer, good luck charms, objects to bring with you anytime, which gather beauty, style and harmony.

These jewels are always enriched with different shades with the use of colored enamels and precious gems, that maintain intact the artisan manufacture and the attention for materials.


The latest creations that have enriched and completed the first MVP collection are inspired to the Seven Deadly Sins: Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth.

Aristotle defined the sins like “evil’s habits”, instead Bernard Mandeville thought that there are no virtues without sins.

The essence of these jewels is in this thought.
For Maria Vittoria the contemporary woman is stylish but with a touch of irreverence, ironic and enough self-confident enough to disclose a caprice or a weakness.


Martina Scorcucchi

Diego Thomas

Hair Stylist
Toni & Guy

Art direction

Giordana wears

- Top e gonna Rick Owens, sandali Rachel Zoe

- Abito Givenchy

- Giacca Ann Demeulemeester, pantaloni e sandali Givenchy

- Abito Neil Barrett, scarpe Ann Demeulemeester

- Abito Res Nullius, sandali Ash

- Abito Ann Demeulemeester

- Abito Neil Barrett

- Camicia Chloé, sandali Ash

With special thanks to:

White Gallery Roma
Officine Pietralata
Res Nullius
Moll Flanders
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